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Gavin - 5th grade



Tammy ...My son has benefited dramatically from Barton! His confidence, reading level, grades, IQ, spelling, writing have all improved! He is now getting all A's & B's! No more crying at night during homework! No more "I don't want to go to school because I'm stupid!" I recommend this to ANYONE who is struggling in reading/writing/spelling! I have learned so much also as I teach him. If this dyslexic Mom can teach Barton, so can anyone! 

Sarah - 4th grade


Crystal... Sarah has come so far since beginning her lessons with Lori and the Barton program.  As one of the youngest in her grade, her dyslexia made school a challenge.  Sarah is now scoring above average in all her standardized testing and is not only more confident with herself but enjoys reading!  Can't say enough good things about Reading Resources. Very fortunate to have met Lori and her team.

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Zack - 12th grade



Lori ...Zack was always willing to work with me in Barton.  He loved words but needed that multi-sensory learning to make things stick. In a meeting with his 6th grade teacher, she told him how much harder his Barton spelling words were than the ones the class was using.  his answer, "I KNOW right?  My mother is insane!" but he never switched to the easier list. He was so proud! As a high-school student, his writing is considered at college level.  I'm so thankful someone told me about Barton. 

In his own words...

 Gavin said that he thinks Barton makes it easier for him in school. He says he's excited to be able to raise his hand in class and have confidence that he can say the correct answers. He said he even wants to come do Barton when he's in high school. He enjoys the days that he gets the extra help!  

In her own words...

Sarah...I like Barton because it helps me read and because of that I love to read. I also like Barton because I can write and work better than before.  I helped me with how I wrote my numbers.  When I was younger my mom noticed that I needed Barton when I tried to draw the boxes for hopscotch.  Then I came to St. Katherine's and I started Barton with Mrs. Lori.  My mom was happy to see me succeeding in reading books.

In his own words...

Zack...Barton was an absolute game changer for me.  In the beginning, it was annoying and kind of painful, but when you are doing it with a coach you enjoy making things easier and more fun, the whole learning process just went faster.  The changes were eventually just night and day.  There was a point where I was doing spelling words three times harder than my classmates and Barton was the only reason I was doing those types.