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Tutoring can be expensive and so can the curriculum if you decide to tutor you own student.  Reading Resources has created a curriculum leasing program called our Family Membership.  It provides a family the materials and training to tutor their own students using the Barton Reading and Spelling System - an Orton-Gillingham influenced program.  We include everything you need to get started and then when you are ready for the next level, you return what you are finished with and we mail out the next one.  We also provide training and support for our members whether your questions have to do with the reading intervention or dyslexia related questions like great books for reluctant readers or how to help your student tie his shoes.

Basic Membership $100 per month

“We’re just checking it out.” If you are beginning to research different options, or aren't sure if you are comfortable being both the parent and tutor, this gives you a chance to come to parent meetings and try the Barton system with your child without making a huge commitment by purchasing curriculum.

$75 per month for six months


If you are willing to make a six-month commitment, you get a discount of $25 per month. You have access to the Barton curriculum to tutor your child which includes the training DVD’s. You will start with Level 1&2, and then swap out for Level 3, etc. however quickly you move through the program. You can use this with more than one child for the same monthly fee.

We offer monthly parent support meetings where we answer your questions about not only the Barton program, but any of the other concerns that come up when raising dyslexic students. Our support group meetings are in Richmond, MN as well as our online support group through Facebook. 

In addition, our parent members are welcome to attend any of our Barton trainings for free (an $979 value) and we hold them at least quarterly. This training is invaluable for parent coaches, providing an opportunity for them to learn in a hands-on workshop environment. 

We also have an extensive youth library available for checkout through Reading Resources. We are always building our Book Lists online for great recommendations from other dyslexic readers.

For our long distance members, 30 minutes of free consulting time is included with each month of membership so you can trouble shoot with a certified coach.

Advance Payment Memberships $425 for six months

  These are the same membership benefits the Contract Members receive, with an even BIGGER discount. Take $175 off the basic membership if you pay for six months in advance.

$800 for a full year

  Want the BEST discount? Take $400 off the basic membership for the year, and you don’t have to think about paying for a long time.

Individual Barton Coaching

We highly recommend  2 sessions  a week for your learning intervention, no matter who is doing the coaching.  It will move your learner through the program at a steady rate and you will BOTH see progress.  Less than that makes it harder for them to retain from week to week and more review of the concepts in required. For a session rate and availability in your area, please contact us.