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 We offer trainings on a variety of topics for parents and educators. Do you want to understand dyslexia, learn about the best accommodations for our learners or get training in an Orton-Gillingham intervention method?  How about a support group as you navigate through your dyslexia journey?  We can help.

Family Support


 Supporting your dyslexic student can be expensive - and finding resources in your area can be difficult.  Our goal is to find you support for assessment and tutoring in your area.  We also offer a membership program for leasing curriculum if you are looking to tutor you own child. We'll train you in one of our interactive classes and give you all kinds of tips and tricks to make the experience a good one for both of you.  Advance Payment discounts and Barton reading coaching are also available in some areas through us as well. 

Helpful Facts


Dyslexia is the most common learning challenge, affecting up to 1 in 5 and is the reason why so many kids need reading help. For better understanding and more information about proven solutions for dyslexia, attend a FREE presentation or contact us for options in your area,  sponsored by Reading Resources, LLC.
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