Nessy Program

Nessy Learning, based out of the UK, happens to be my “Delightful Find for 2016”! I had bumped into their app DyslexiaQuest two years ago and was using it as a base screener for our dyslexic students. I was thrilled with the solid games, humor, graphics and all around excellence of the product. When I discovered the research behind it at a seminar I understood why it had been such a solid tool. Unfortunately, in my excitement to share it with colleagues, I managed to lose my only copy and contacted the company to get another. What Nessy sent was the research for a reading and spelling program I had never seen. The results were phenomenal and made me check out their free trial. Wow – I was blown away!

Having been a dyslexia specialist now for 10 years, raising 4 dyslexic kids and being dyslexic myself, I truly wish I had known about this, years ago. We use an Orton-Gillingham based intervention at Reading Resources but what I love about the Nessy Reading and Spelling is that is makes an incredible compliment to that kind of intervention. Designed for grades K-6th, it covers 100 lessons on 10 different islands that follow Common Core Standards and it’s FUN!

When we teach a new intervention concept, often a student will use it in our session time but applying it in the classroom takes longer. What I found was that they would use those new strategies more quickly when playing the Nessy games because it helped them win. They can see their progress, earn rewards and reinforce approaches.

As a teacher, I have access to literally 1000’s of worksheets and learning games for lessons I can use to provide additional practice by individual.
There are reports that follow the progress of a group of students, track achievement and computer time. I can share that information with parents in a 
variety of ways. We are planning to use this over the summer to battle the dreaded “summer slide” we often see when kids don’t have consistent school review. Their downloadable guide gives me all the tools I need to use this resource to its fullest. I encourage any parent to check this program out. It doesn’t matter if your child is dyslexic or not, the multi-sensory approach works for everyone but the icing on the cake is Nessy’s motto,

“Learning happens when it’s Fun!”   - Lori

If you want to try it out – Nessy does a free trial, simply click on the pictures to go to their website.  If you want the efficacy study on why and how well it works, shoot me an email and I will forward it to you.

Here's what students have to say about Nessy Software:

“I like the funny characters and the clock really helped me. Also it has more games and is easier to use than the Ipad apps.” Sam – 3rd grade

“You get to do games that are actually fun and you’re actually learning. And I like the way it’s set up. And there is the monkey” Noelan – 3rd grade

“ It’s not just a plain old test, it is fun with all the animals and nature. There are different ways to learn to spell better, it’s just a really good program to use for school.” Jennifer – 6th grade