Why can’t so many people read?

Dyslexia is part of the answer. Up to 20% of people have dyslexia. That is one student in five in your classroom.  Federal and state policies have changed dramatically in the last couple of years and are bound to continue as more attention is given to this learning challenge. The only independently researched and proven method for supporting dyslexic learners is the Orton-Gillingham method (O-G).  It is a systematic multi-sensory phonics program and it works. With the right teaching, struggling readers and people with dyslexia can soar.

Help Your Students Learn to Read with Orton-Gillingham. It works.

International dyslexia expert Sally Shaywitz recommends it as the scientifically-proven way to help people learn how to read. It has been independently researched since the 1930’s to be the “best practices” method for students with dyslexia.

Our certified instructors teach an O-G method called Barton Reading and Spelling. It fills gaps in language learning patterns for kids who have trouble with reading, writing, spelling and sometimes math.
O-G builds confident readers. That means more productive class time for you and all of your students.

Once you learn the Barton method, you can apply it immediately. Reading Resources trains Barton Levels 1-7 several times each year.  Whether you are working with students 1-on-1 in an intervention format or looking to teach your classroom phonics more multi-sensory, The Barton Reading and Spelling System will work well.  Below is what we teach with each level and those trainings last about 6 hours.  You can look at our Training Opportunities in our Events. 

Please check our Events Calendar for exact dates.

Level 1 – Overview of Dyslexia, MN Dept. of Education Policy and Barton Level 1 (Phonemic Awareness)
Level 2 – Accommodations for IEP’s and 504’s, Barton Level 2 (Consonants and short Vowel Sounds)
Level 3 – the connection between dyslexia and ADD/ADHD and how to work with that Barton Level 3(Closed Syllables and their spelling rules, Units, Contractions)
Level 4 – Anxiety, Self Esteem and Twice Exceptional issues with Dyslexia Barton Level 4 (Open syllables, multi-syllable words and spelling rules, schwa rules and vowel teams)