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Finding someone to assess your student for dyslexia can be confusing.  Typically, schools don’t have an individual qualified to test for dyslexia so you will need to find a private assessor.  We will help you locate good local options and give you tips of what to look for in a great tester. Use our coaches or, through our Family Membership, you can learn the Barton Reading and Spelling system yourself to teach your child to read. Even people with dyslexia can learn and teach the method.

Join our Adult Support Group the first Friday of the month. Our adult support group provides an opportunity for adults with dyslexia, parents and educators to understand the issues that affect struggling readers beyond school performance. Learn home, school, and work accommodations — and survival tips.

Reading Resources will offer various technology classes that can help with reading and writing.

Specific technical accommodation classes can help students, teachers and parents.