Dyslexia Support Websites

International Dyslexia Association – Upper Midwestern Branch

MN Dept. of Education - search “dyslexia” for an excellent document covering the current stance of public education support for dyslexic students

Decoding Dyslexia - a grassroots nonprofit focused on changing legislation for the support of dyslexic students in Minnesota

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia – resources site for families and retailer of Barton Reading and Spelling System

Spelling Success– card games created to supplement Barton Reading and Spelling program

Heppner’s Legacy Homeschool Resources – excellent resource for homeschool curriculums. Staff knowledgeable about multisensory learning and which materials work well for dyslexic learners

St. Katherine Drexel School in St. Cloud, MN - private school supporting dyslexics students