Reading Resources Is Offering A Research Based Reading Intervention

Training is being offered for the Barton Reading and Spelling System.  Barton is an Orton-Gillingham based Multisensory, Explicit and Systematic Phonics Program that addresses research supported foundational skills identified for reading success.

  • Develop phonemic awareness 
  • Build phonetic skills
  • Decoding fluency using real word and nonsense word skills
  • Increase sight word recognition
  • Progress monitoring format

Resulting in more proficient readers!

Using the Barton Reading and Spelling program can assist educators to identify students’ specific phonemic/reading weaknesses and provide a proven intervention. It also fits in tier 3 of the RTI model.

At Reading Resources, we believe that most students struggling with reading, writing and spelling learn best from the scientifically based Orton-Gillingham methodology. Our goal is to make that training available to parents, educators and administrators, so they can provide this type of remediation instruction to their students. With proper support, these students can improve test scores like Scantron and MCA’s, succeed in their academic careers and go on to become successful, confident, productive adults.

The Barton Intro course covers Levels 1-4. Upon completion of our course, your staff will be able to address phonemic awareness weaknesses in their students and have a working knowledge of the first four levels of the Barton Reading and Spelling System that covers the various sounds of letters, units, diagraphs and spelling rules that cover single and multi- syllable word rules, schwa and syllable division rules. Your staff will have a strong understanding of the warning signs of phonemic weaknesses and will be able to identify them in their classroom learners. Educators will have an all necessary materials for their classroom that will allow them to utilize their training with ease. The class will also focus on the kinds of accommodations needed by struggling readers/spellers and how to incorporate them into a 504 plan or an IEP.

Barton Advanced covers Levels 5-7.   This covers prefixes and suffixes, silent E and vowel R spelling rules. It will include manuals for those levels as well additional tiles.

Our Tablet Apps Class is interactive and focuses on both Apple and Android apps that will support our students and their educators. Attendees need to bring their devices

CEU credit is available . This training has limited space due to its interactive nature.

Schedule of Events

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* Choose one session for each staff attendee, they don’t all need to attend the same session

* Parent Members attend events for FREE!

* There are group and private school discounts available. Please call or email with any questions.

St. Cloud Area Dyslexia Overview March 13th
March 23rd
Royalton MN School 6-8:30
Foley, MN Library 6-8:30
St. Cloud Dyslexia Screening

April 13 or May 30 9-3PM $175
St. Katherine Drexel School

Spring Session

Dyslexia Screening
March 30
April 17
Rochester, MN 9:00-4:00
Mankato, MN 9:00-2:00

St. Cloud Summer Session

Barton Levels 1-4:
Session 1: June 6,13,20,27
Session 2: June8,15,22,29
Dyslexia Screening: TBA
St. Katherine Drexel School
5-8:30PM $949
5-8:30 $949
9-2PM $175

St. Cloud Summer Session II

Barton Level 5 July 11
Barton Level 6 July 18
Barton Level 7 July 25
St. Katherine Drexel School
5-8:30 PM $150
5-8:30 PM $150
5-8:30 PM $150

Price change effective April 1st, 2016 There are group discounts available.  Members of Reading Resources Family program attend for free as space allows.   Please call or email with any questions.